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Re: Loading Debain by PPP connection

Hello Dan,

On Mon, 1 May 2000, Dan Hutchinson wrote:

> I have loaded my home PC with the base system from debian download. 
> I try to connect to the web to download the debian packages from the
> web.
> When I run dselect it trys to connect through the NIC card I have.
> I have a PC with a NIC and a PPP modem. 
> What files to I have to manaul configure with a base debian system or
> can I run something like pppconfig. 
> Dan

You not only can run pppconfig, you even HAVE to run it to get a working
ppp-connection, as your computer won't know the phone-number and all the
other information it needs to connect to your provider. pppconfig comes
with the base system, so it should be there. It's IMHO easy to use, just
enter some things as phone-number of your provider, DNS-Server etc.. After
having done this you should normally be able to start a connection with
the following command:
(as root or as member of the dip-group)
to terminate type:


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