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Re: more real runlevels?

>> > > If so, what _is_ the proper way to do this with Debian?
>> You can just delete the links you don't want
>I've always felt that it's better to change the link from S to K,
>instead of just deleting it.
>Say for example you delete the xdm link from runlevels 2, 3, and 4. So
>you change to 5, xdm starts. You change back to 2, and xdm stays
>running. To me the desired behavior would be that xdm is killed...
>Anyway, at worst this post might prevent people from deleting links and
>wondering why things aren't killed when lowering runlevels ;)

I must admit that I never use runlevels, but if I want to remove something
from the boot sequence (or whatever I should call that), I usually make
a directory 'away' in the relevant /etc/rcwhatever and move the script

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