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Re: more real runlevels?

-> When will Debian follow the Linux Standard Base with respect to init
-> runlevels?  The current scheme (still in potato, I haven't checked
-> woody) basically has just 2 distinct levels - single user and fully
-> operational.  This throws away most of the power of sysvinit (which
-> comes at the cost of considerable complexity).

level 2 should mean running without network services and that means nfs,
www etcl; probably inetd and ssh as well. I removed all occurences of these
from level 2; only clients are running.

-> I would like to run the system without xdm most of the time, but there
-> are times when I need it.  Also sometimes I want to switch off network
-> services but still allow local logins.

you still can start it in /etc/rc2.d/...
RedHat uses runlevel 4 the same way as 3 but wth xdm (afaik)
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