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Re: make-kpkg fail: can't find modversions.h (compiling pcmcia-modules)

>  Mark> I am guessing you must have done something which creates this
>  Mark> config directory and puts modversions.h in the right place.  If
>  Mark> you do
>  Mark> So the question is, what do you do which creates this file???
> Did you try configuring the kernel?

I think this is the problem.  I shouldn't have to do the configuring
myself because make-kpkg should do it for me.  For some reason it
seems that it doesn't.  It sounds like a bug with make-kpkg.

I think I have got around it by first using make-kpkg to create a
kernel package.  Then, without doing "make-kpkg clean", I then set the
target to modules_image (the PCMCIA modules stuff).

It seems to fix the problem, but I wouldn't have thought I had to do



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