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Re: Win98 and Linux can't keep apart on /dev/hda!

Hi ,
You told about mounting different fs on both systems : linux and win98. How
can U mount ext2 partitions on win98?
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Sent: Wednesday, April 19, 2000 12:24 AM
Subject: Re: Win98 and Linux can't keep apart on /dev/hda!

> I've done two things now, and either of them could have fixed the problem.
> 1) I upgraded my BIOS version.
> 2) I repartitioned the HD, making marginal changes on the sizes on
> /dev/hda3 (linux) and /dev/hda4 (win98), but I changed the partition type
> of /dev/hda4 from "Win FAT32" (0x0B) to "Win FAT32 (LBA)" (0x0C).
> Anyhow, I know have installed the root fs on /dev/hd3 (using the Debian
> and copied about 1 GB of data to /dev/hd4 from windows. And none of them
> have complained yet, and I can mount both filesystems from both OS's,
> I couldn't do before.
> To say it short: Things seem very promising!
> Thanks, all of you, for your help.
> / David
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