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Re: Obtaining KDE

On Sat, Apr 29, 2000 at 11:47:13AM +0000, Steve White wrote:
> I have been trying most of the morning to obtain the KDE distribution
> from ftp.linuxberg.com and have thus far been unsuccessful. I am using
> apt in dselect and cannot seem to find the right combination of strings
> to enter so that it can find the package file.
> How then do I force apt to look at the Packages.gz file and download the
> appropriate .deb files knowing where on an ftp site these files reside?
> (It seems to me that apt is assuming a very specific underlying
> directory structure and I cannot figure out how to circumvent this
> assumption).

i don't know how to adjust things using the dselect interface, but i can
show you how to modify the /etc/apt/sources.list file yourself.

There are two formats for lines in sources.list: those that assume the
"main contrib non-free" layout, and those that don't. You'll of course
want one that doesn't, which means the third field needs to end with a

This leaves how to divide the path
between the second and third fields. To determine this, look at the
Packages.gz file, in particular at the 'Filename:' entries for the
packages. You'll see that for the file
ftp://ftp.linuxberg.com/pub/KDE/stable/latest/distribution/deb/slink/i386/kdeadmin_1.1.2-19990906-1_i386.deb, the file line is this:
  Filename: /i386/kdeadmin_1.1.2-19990906-1_i386.deb
(Actually, if i understand things correctly, this line is slightly
broken because it begins with a '/'. Should still work though)

You want to divide the path so that the second field plus the Filename
line in Packages.gz give the complete url for the files. So, this is the
  deb ftp://ftp.linuxberg.com/pub/KDE/stable/latest/distribution/deb/slink i386/

As you can see,
'ftp://ftp.linuxberg.com/pub/KDE/stable/latest/distribution/deb/slink' +
'/' + '/i386/kdeadmin_1.1.2-19990906-1_i386.deb' =
is more or less correct.

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