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Obtaining KDE


I have been trying most of the morning to obtain the KDE distribution
from ftp.linuxberg.com and have thus far been unsuccessful. I am using
apt in dselect and cannot seem to find the right combination of strings
to enter so that it can find the package file.

When prompted, I am providing a path to the package file ending in a /.
(i.e. /pub/KDE/stable/distribution/deb/slink/.), which contains a
packages.gz file and all the appropriate .deb files. However, dselect
continues to prompt for the "components to get", providing "main contrib
non-free" as examples, but there is no such directory structure.

How then do I force apt to look at the Packages.gz file and download the
appropriate .deb files knowing where on an ftp site these files reside?
(It seems to me that apt is assuming a very specific underlying
directory structure and I cannot figure out how to circumvent this

Best Regards,

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