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Re: Installing without rebooting (running the installation proggie from within Linux)

Brad <lists@anomie.ods.org> writes:

> How about downloading base2_1.tgz (or base2_2.tgz if you want to go
> straight to frozen) and untarring that into the new partition before
> chrooting into it?

In case anyone was following this thread, here are a couple of gotchas
that I ran into:

1. I couldn't boot into the new system, getting "You are trying to
boot into unconfigured base system" or somesuch message, which
offered me to boot usint the Rescue disk.
"chmod -x /sbin/unconfigured.sh" fixed that problem.

2. I had to remove pcmcia and nfs related packages, which are
installed by default.

Apart from those, all went very smooth.
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