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Re: Netscape and mp3-files

Johann Spies wrote:
> I am trying to download mp3-files from the internet, but netscape
> (4.7.1) quits when I try to do that.  Although Netscape reports that it
> has the plug-ins to play streaming mp3-files, it also refuses to do that.
> Is there any cure to do this?
> I have also tried a beta version of opera, but without any success.
> It feels stupid.  I do not know how to get a mp3 file from the
> internet to my computer.  I have also tried lynx and links without
> success.
> I have installed mpg123 and freeamp and have also tried to use them as
> plug-ins, but there was still no success.  I did the same with
> rvplayer.
> Any help would be welcome.

try 'mpg123 http://...'
or fetch the file using 'wget url'

> Is it worth while to download 12 meg of files to upgrade to Netscape
> 4.7.2 on a dialup-connection?

If you won't run Linux, I'd say, give it a try...



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