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Re: startup/connection trubble [was Modules & name resolution]

John Pearson wrote:
> > > The "net-pf-18" message is the kernel trying to load the module
> > > for network protocol family 18, which linux/include/net/socket.h
> > > lists as "Ash", with which I'm not familiar.  If it represents a
> > > protocol family that you don't intend to support, or you just
> > > want to get rid of the messages, add
> > > alias net-pf-18 off
> > > to /etc/modutils/aliases and then run update-modules.  I'd guess
> > > it's something to do with AppleTalk, and I'd avoid getting
> > > alarmed; the AppleTalk suite includes several protocols, only a
> > > few of which you are likely to need to talk to Macs on your
> > > local net.
> >
> > so that's probably what's interfering with the startup of netatalk.
> > (i get errors disrupting the appletalk startup phase on the console,
> > but it seems to work nonetheless. i'm telnetting from upstairs now,
> > or i'd cut & paste the actual error from on-screen...)
> >
> > whatever modules ARE working right now seem to be what i need,
> > so i've added the disabling etc/modutils/aliases line, as you suggested.
> >
> > but--where'd it go off to? if i do need it in the future, how
> > can i restore it?
> It may not have gone anywhere.  I can't recall the context, in
> which I saw this myself (may have been netatalk then, too) but
> some software seems to attempt to use each defined protocol
> family (maybe, just as a way of finding which ones are
> supported) - this would produce messages like this for protocols
> that your kernel doesn't support, but it may not be a problem
> unless it's a protocol family you need support for.

my kernel is still 2.0.36, even after apt-get dist-upgrade;
and prior to the upgrade, restarting lingered around the appletalk
stuff (two 'sleep 5' in the script) there were no such error
messages then. only since the upgrade.

> The portmapper also manages NFS and NFS locking services and a
> few other things, so you may want to keep it even if you ditch
> NIS.

nfs = network fileshare system (or similar)? as in, a windows user
can see a volume icon on their desktop from the linux box? don't
need that... (the appletalk stuff is still operational... does
it need NFS?)

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