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Re: Initial debian problems

> how do I control the starting of services at boot? Eg. which
> services installed should be started and which shouldn't. Do I need to
> remove some links from the appropriate runlevel-dirs or is there a
> better way of doing that? I remember in suse, there was a general
> system-wide config-file called rc.local where I could just switch some
> flags to "NO".
there is nothing like that in debian. if you want, you may just grab
suse's idea/scripts.
however, debian offers a script (update-rc.d), which you can use to
modify all the script-links in rc?.d, so it's not that hard to do.

> how do I set the system-wide default keyboard map under debian? I saw
> that when booting, the map file loaded is /etc/kbd/default.map.gz. At
> first, I added a line containing the command "loadkeys" at the end of
> /etc/profile, but I think that's not too elegant, so what's the proper
> way of doing that?
modifying the boot script which loads default.map.gz or looking for some
config-file - i don't know, what's the supposed way of doing this.

> My last problem concerns dual-booting w/z lilo.
does windoze boot, if you physically swap the drives? if yes, then all is
fine. however, think of installing lilo in /dev/hdb with a modified
config before swapping the disks, otherwise you'll not be able to boot
linux anymore (except with a boot disk).

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