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Re: no wonder...

>> which makes the user want to get out, and none of the keystrokes seem to
work like a
>> beginner (not someone who has read the docs and EXPERIENCED the
experience) would
>> expect. There's just a host of things that are difficult about deselect
and apt.

AMEN!  I just reformated the HD with Debian and am going to try again. All
due to the dselect NOT installing what I want. I enter the path to the HD
partition that has the entire Debian CD on it and it is mounted and it STILL
refuses to load. I do highlight the package that I want and press the bloody
"+" key and I go add the bloody dependent packages and it still flipping
doesn't load Jack Squat much less Perl.

I do not profess to be Linux guru with only 4 Linux installs on my home
machines but am willing to match IQ points with any of you out there. There
has to be a better way.

>> There's a host of good about these products also; they're just not
intuitive for the
>> non-initiated.

 > What could be more intuitive?

Something that works. Your statement highlights the reason that when I ask
for directions on how to drive somewhere, I will NOT ask someone that has
lived there all their life but a relative new person. The person that has
been there for all of their life _ASS_U_ME_s that you know what they learned
several years ago.

More intuitive is relevant  How intuitive is the IVP rate for Furosemide on
a CHF/COPD pt b/n PRBC units or what lab value to watch before giving? Hint:
it is a diuretic.

And yes I have bought & read the f manual(ORA's cow book) & it still doesn't
work as advertised. dselect's interface needs work, NOT the logic.

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