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Re: Looking for a good mail program

On Wednesday, 05 April 2000 at 18:18, Hilary Hertzoff wrote:
> As a rule I'm very happy reading my mail in Pine through a shell
> account.  However occasionally I receive an attachment that I need to use
> another program to view.  Can somebody recommend a good mail program
> similar to pine that can handle attachments?  I don't want anything too
> fancy.

you want mutt! mime attachment handling is one of its trademark
features (pgp/gpg integration is probably the other one it's most
famous for). Plus it has configurable colouring and excellent
sorting/threading (and lots more). it probably resembles elm more than
pine, but shouldn't be too confusing for you. in fact I believe there
is a pine-emulating configuration file floating around...

> Also do I need a separate program to fetch my mail off the server and if
> so which do you recommend?  

depends. mutt has some limited builtin POP support, but it'd be better
to use fetchmail. If you want to use IMAP, mutt supports that too, and
as of the upcoming 1.2 release should do it rather well (I'm biased,
since I've written most of the new IMAP code).

> Having all of the software available in the Debian distribution is lovely
> but I'm finding it difficult to choose from several different programs
> that do the same thing, especially since the names don't usually mean
> anything to me.

most of the time, the names are deliberately meaningless. you can
really only experiment or get other's opinions. that's hacker culture
for you.


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