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Re: no wonder...

That is a good point. May be it would be a good idea to implement some kind of way to
have a visual field of packages available, with short explanation and link to wider
explanation (or link-option-command), accesible from within the system, without
needing to surf the debian site. Especially when you are new to UNIX, or the packages
are new, the task of deciding what you want and/or need may be too much.

Carl Fink wrote:

> They aren't equivalent.  Apt is fine for installing programs, but for
> *deciding* what to install, it's useless.  I find myself using
> dselect to search package descriptions, then installing through apt.
> Sometimes I use lynx or links and search the Debian web site for the
> program name, then install with apt.  Either is unnecessarily clumsy.
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