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Re: MST7MDT timezone broken?

John Hasler <john@dhh.gt.org> writes:
> Paul writes:
> > Same problem here. Both of my servers and my workstation had to be
> > manually changed. (EST-EDT).
> No problems here.  What versions of the relevant packages do you have?

     No problems here, either, using up-to-date potato with libc6 2.1.3-7. 
I haven't seen it documented, but from experience, I believe the
daylight saving change is only done if the hardware clock is set to
GMT (UTC=yes in /etc/default/rcS). 

     For those who complained about cron being off, see man (8)cron:

       Special considerations exist when the clock is changed  by
       less than 3 hours, for example at the beginning and end of
       daylight savings time. If the  time  has  moved  forwards,
       those  jobs  which  would  have  run  in the time that was
       skipped will be run soon after the change.  Conversely, if
       the  time  has moved backwards by less than 3 hours, those
       jobs that fall into the repeated time will not be run.

       Only jobs that run at a particular time (not specified  as
       @hourly, nor with '*' in the hour or minute specifier) are
       affected. Jobs which are specified with wildcards are  run
       based on the new time immediately.

       Clock  changes  of  more than 3 hours are considered to be
       corrections to the clock, and the new time is used immedi­

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