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Install with dpkg only.


I have an empty harddisk installed, and I want to installing Debian
packages to create a working Debian system. I have unpacked the dpkg
package (ar -x and then tar xfz data.tar.gz) on my working RedHat
system. I now want to install packages using 

dpkg -i --root=/mnt/debianroot <package>

However, most of the packages fail at some point in the preinstall or
postinstall scripts. For example, the post-install script of dpkg-doc
can't find the script/program 'install-docs'. It also looks like the
paths used in the script do not take the relocation into account. Am I
wrong on this?

I transferred everything in frozen/admin, frozen/base, any dependent
packages, a lot of doc packages and some other tools from additional
categories. Can anyone tell me what other packages I have to extract
tools from to get the package installation going?

**  Ringo De Smet         Ringo.DeSmet @ advalvas.be  **

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