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RE: net card nightmare

Hooray! Nathan sent me in the right direction and I have internet on the card. It was the MAC address problem, powering down the wireless interface took care of it. As it's in anther part of the building I didn't do that before.
Thanks Nathan. Couldn't have got this together without this list.

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From: Nathan E Norman [mailto:nnorman@midco.net]
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On Wed, Apr 05, 2000 at 10:24:13AM -0400, Chris Mason wrote:
> i've finally decided that I can't fix this network card problem.
> I have been able to install two cards, either will work on the
> internal network by reassigning the variables, but neither will
> work on the wireless internet feed. I had the brilliant thought
> last night that it was due to the wireless feed bing 10base, so
> I install a 10base card this morning. I brought it up in the
> internal network, worked fine, changed the parameters to those of
> the internet feed, no luck. All the info in ifconfig os definately
> correct, but I can't ping the router. When I connect the feed to
> the NT box with the same IP info, it works fine.
> Any ideas?


First, break your lines at 70 characters or less.  Netiquette and all

Second, have you power cycled the wireless internet feed box?  Many
such devices recognise a MAC address and won't talk to other MAC
addresses until they "forget" what they learned (and generally cycling
power is a good way to do that).  Perhaps the feed has learned your NT
box's MAC.

Other than that, I don't have any ideas.  I've missed the beginning of
this thread so I apologise if I missed this info already.

It would be helpful to know a few things:

o IP addresses involved
o hardware involved (the feed box, the network cards)
o dmesg output after you load network card modules



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