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Re: IP Masquerading, SSH, and X

Beavis said:
> ok, is it possible to open a x-windows interface through a ssh connection
> from a remote location all on static IP's?


> more specifically, start x from a ssh client on another system.
> if so, please don't just say it is possible, but explain how

ssh to the other box.  Enter the appropriate command to start up the desired
X client on the other machine.  Watch the application display on your local

If it doesn't work, verify that the ssh client and server both have

X11Forwarding yes

in their config files.

(For anyone who cares, X worked just fine through my ssh/masquing system from
the start, I just wasn't patient enough.  Over a (slow) dialup link, I've
been able to bring up imapbiff, which displays in a 64x64 window - after over
a minute's delay.  When I thought it wasn't working, I was trying to run
Netscape in a much larger (~900x750 or so) window...)

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