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Re: IP Masquerading, SSH, and X

it may be worth looking into VNC, 


and vnc with SSH:


its probably the simplist way to get up and goin.

but it depends on what apps you want to run (e.g. vmware does not run
worth a crap on an vnc X server)


On Mon, 3 Apr 2000, Beavis wrote:

beavis >ok, is it possible to open a x-windows interface through a ssh connection
beavis >from a remote location all on static IP's?
beavis >
beavis >DSL to DSL from example.
beavis >
beavis >more specifically, start x from a ssh client on another system.
beavis >
beavis >if so, please don't just say it is possible, but explain how
beavis >
beavis >thankx --beavis--  just a guy from a small town trying to learn something
beavis >
beavis >
beavis >> > I'm currently set up such that I can ssh into my machine at work from
beavis >home
beavis >> > and all works well as long as I stay within the console session.
beavis >However,
beavis >> > I'm on a dialup line (no DSL yet...) and use IP masquerading, which
beavis >appears
beavis >> > to prevent X clients on my work box from connecting to the X server here
beavis >at
beavis >> > home.
beavis >> >
beavis >> If you log in via ssh, then you should be able to start x-applications
beavis >> out-of-the-box. ssh creates a proxy x-server and thus forwards any
beavis >> x-connection through the encrypted connection opened by the masqueraded
beavis >> host.
beavis >> if it does not work, then check, if "ForwardX11 yes" is in your
beavis >> ~/.ssh/config. if it is, then check, how $DISPLAY is set on the remote
beavis >> machine after ssh-login. it should be something like <remotemachine>:10.0
beavis >> - if it is not, then ssh does not forward the x-connections ... don't ask
beavis >> me, why.
beavis >>
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