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RE: server die in few days

What is the hardware?  Sounds like the machine is under specced for the 
number of users or the amount of data you're pulling.  Or that the hardware 
is flakey

(waiting for delivery of some SMP kit to replace my P133 linux server)

From: 	Madarasz Karoly[SMTP:mkaroly@SoftHome.net]
Sent: 	Monday, 3 April 2000 6:25 PM
To: 	debian-user
Subject: 	server die in few days

Hello all!

I configured my first linux server to provide ppp connections via
modems, and samba services.
Now everything work fine, but in few days the system is overloaded and
finally die for the users. The server itself is working make a super
intense disk activity.

Any ideas how to diagnostic and resolve that ugly situation are

My system:
slink 2.0.28 kernel, pppd 2.3.11, mgetty 1.1.18-1, genpower 1.0.1-8,
samba 2.0.5a running as daemon, ncpfs


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