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Re: server die in few days

I have a DTK machine with AMD K6-2 at 300 MHz, 16M RAM, 1.6G HDD.
Simultaneosly I have maxim 3 users.
>From day to day the average load reported by top increase.
After 3-4 day after a restart the server seems to be slower.

"C. Falconer" wrote:
> What is the hardware?  Sounds like the machine is under specced for the
> number of users or the amount of data you're pulling.  Or that the hardware
> is flakey
> (waiting for delivery of some SMP kit to replace my P133 linux server)
> ----------
> From:   Madarasz Karoly[SMTP:mkaroly@SoftHome.net]
> Sent:   Monday, 3 April 2000 6:25 PM
> To:     debian-user
> Subject:        server die in few days
> Hello all!
> I configured my first linux server to provide ppp connections via
> modems, and samba services.
> Now everything work fine, but in few days the system is overloaded and
> finally die for the users. The server itself is working make a super
> intense disk activity.
> Any ideas how to diagnostic and resolve that ugly situation are
> welcome.
> My system:
> slink 2.0.28 kernel, pppd 2.3.11, mgetty 1.1.18-1, genpower 1.0.1-8,
> samba 2.0.5a running as daemon, ncpfs


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