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Re: removing hard drives

Chris Mason wrote:
> I had three hard drives, one boot drive and one partitioned into two. I physically removed the second hard drive ( who needs 20GB on a linux system). Now I get errors on boot(fsck). How do I removed the dives from the boot sequence?
> Did I do it wrong?
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Sounds like you haven't updated your etc/fstab, which keeps
track of your drives and gets them mounted at boot.
BTW, have you moved the part of the linux fs which was
present on the hd which you removed, to the disk that is
still left in the box? If not, you're in trouble.
Please supply more info; what was your partitioning scheme
before the change, what's the new, etc.
If your ENTIRE linux system is present on the drive in the
box, all you've gotta do is edit etc/fstab (using f.ex. vi)
to reflect the changes...
Anyway, please be as specific as possible when posting.

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