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Re: debian + red hat linux

On Sun, Apr 02, 2000 at 10:38:20PM -0400, DebianBeast@aol.com wrote:
> hi guys,
> I have a pentium/100 computer whose bios cannot boot from cd-rom.  i want to 
> install debian and red hat as follows:
> /hda1 2.5 gig. debian
> /hda2 1.5 gig  red hat
> /hda3 115 meg. swap.
> i dont have partition magic but i would like to know if it is possible to 
> install debian (with booting from hard drive) and then install red hat linux 
> on the second partition and then set it up so i can choose which i want to 
> use. 


I expect that a Pentium 100 would come with a BIOS that can only boot
within the first 512 Mb of disk.  If so, you would have to do a bunch of
fiddling to get it to work as shown above, because each kernel would
have to be below that 512 mb barrier.  I always make a small /boot
partition of about 10mb at the head of the disk.  In your case make two,
their small . . .  and I would make a shared /home (right now I am using
88mb, so 500mb should be enough for most people, but this point is
highly debated).

/hda1 10mb      Debian   /boot
/hda2 10mb      Redhat   /boot (put as /rhboot in Debian's fstab)
/hdax 500mb     joint    /home
/hdax 2xRAM     joint    swap
/hdax 2 GB      Debian   /root
/hdax remainder Redhat   /root

The important point I wanted to make was the 2 small partitions at the
front.  The rest is arbitrary.  The advantage to the layout I have shown
is that if you change your mind about distributions, you keep the first
4 partitions no matter what, and the only thing you would be wasting is
a 10mb chunk.

To configure LILO in a case like this, I think I would pick one
distribution as the "master", probably Debian.  Keep only one lilo.conf
and execute lilo from there.

Just my 2 cents worth.


Thank you,
Joe Bouchard

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