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Re: Kernel panic: No init found.

On Sun, Apr 02, 2000 at 09:15:34PM -0500, eric k. wolven wrote:
> I have had the same problem as Bob N. and ext2 is IN the kernel, not
> a module and I have a Pentium III. Is there some bug either in kpkg 
> or latest kernel version of 2.2.14?

For what it's worth, I'm running 2.2.14 on two of my machines here.  One
is a Pentium 166, the other is a PIII 500  And so far I'm not having any
troubles.  So I doubt it's the kernel.  I did not use kernel-package - I
used make bzlilo on the 166 and and make zlilo on the PIII.
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