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Re: sound hell

Hi James,

On 31-Mar-2000 james@C638080-A.sttln1.wa.home.com wrote:
> heh, well, no. but seriously.....
> after installing bin86, the kernel did, indeed compile correctly.
> after many tries, the soundcard still wouldn't work (i did select sound
> support for Ensoniq pci 97... the chipset for my card).
> i swapped it w/ a SB AWE64 i had in another machine and xconfig'ed again and
> selected support for it and, upon reboot, it worked fine. though, nothing i
> did w/ my PCI 128 ever worked. does anyone have a success story for this
> card? perhaps i still did something wrong(?)

I just spent a day screwing around with this as well with 6 new computers we
got here, all with SB 128 PCI cards.

I couldn't get the kernel driver to work, so I installed the
alsa-modules,alsaconf,and alsa-utils packages, downgraded the kernel from
2.2.14 to 2.2.13 (apt-get install kernel-image-2.2.13), edit my /etc/lilo.conf,
ran lilo.  I then ran alsaconf, and rebooted.

Upon reboot, you should see a whole load of modules loaded.  I'm at home right
now, but if you send me mail on Monday morning, I can send you my output of
lsmod if you want.

I had many troubles trying to duplicate this on the other machines.  On some of
them I ended up copy /etc, /lib/modules, and /boot.  This got it working, and
wasn't a horrible solution as I had just mirrored all the hard drives the day

These machines are sweet: PIII-550's, 256MB RAM, Voodoo 3, sb 128 PCI, the
are many times faster than what I had before!

I hope that gives you some light, let me know how you make out or if you have
any problems, so I don't spend time that you have spent doing the same thing.


Wim Kerkhoff

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