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X stability issue


I'm wondering how other debian potato-boxes behaves in X. I have a 2 month old
potato system running on a dual-celeron, 256Mbyte ram and a Matrox G400. The
kernel is a patched 2.2.14 (using the IDE-patch from hedrik). X freezes totally
after a few days of use. Sometimes I'm able to go to a console and kill X as
root other times it's necessary to log in from another workstation and kill X
remotely - this is due to fact the my keyboard freezes too...
Today it went really awfull. I wanted to try CivCTP on Linux to test the
performance of my box. In the middle of the game everything freezes and I turn
to another workstation to kill X remotely. This time it's not enough. I have to
reboot the machine to get some new output on the monitor.

Now my questions are:
Has anyone else experienced the same kind of instability?
Does anyone know if this could be due to...
	- kernel instability?
	- X instability?
	- my hardware?
	- potato instability?

The fact is that I really hate to reboot my machine - it feels like I'm running
X is XFree86 version 3.3.6-6 (svga). Mboard is Abit BP6 (not OC'ed).

Sven Esbjerg

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