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Re: Fancy features of Storm Linux

dan@cg619985-a.adubn1.nj.home.com wrote:
> Was total nightmare to install for me, since it simply didn't let me
> do
> what I wanted it to. I wanted to have my swap second or first
> partition,
> nope, can't do that... etc. I think it's easy to install for someone
> who
> doesn't need much flexibility/doesn't have performance considerations,
> or a newbie trying out GNU stuff. This could eventually grow into a
> nice desktop distro. I think they're aiming at interested Windows
> users who've heard enough Linux hype. Personally I am only interested
> in their apt front-end and administration system. The gimmicky loader
> and graphic set-up does enough to remind of Windows to new users and
> make them feel safer than the unfamiliar, scary and unknown bash
> prompt.

I cannot disagree more strongly!!!!!

During install of Storm Linux you have the option to do a text isntall
or a graphical install. Even if you choose the graphic install you have
another option to go the advanced route if you wish. Choosing this you
can choose exactly which partitions you wish to use for your root
filesystem and your swap. You choose where other partitions are mounted
and what they are to called by lilo. You choose whether they are
formatted or not. What more do you want?!!!

I have installed Storm into diffrent partition on different hard drives
in my system over the last couple of months to try out the install
process. Never has it failed me - it installs where you tell it to

The 'gimmicky' loader adds some graphical content to the boot up
process. Since when do MS have a monopoly on this? I have used 'plain'
Debian (and a few other distros) for years and am quite comfortable with
the the bash prompt, but I find Storm rather refreshing. Do you find the
bash prompt aesthetically pleasing? Maybe you do. I would guess that
most others do not. MS Windows has nothing to do with it whatsoever. It
is a case of whether you like a graphical environment or not. Ford cars
have tyres. You don't want to mimmick Ford so are you going to produce a
car which doesn't have tyres just to be completely different? I think

Phillip Deackes
Using Storm Linux 2000

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