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Re: Potato Broke My X

On Mon, Mar 06, 2000 at 08:20:46PM -0800, Jim Varney wrote:
> Updating my Potato system a few days ago with dselect broke my X windows. X 
> starts up with the herringbone and shows a single shell window and prompt. 
> It never gets as far as the full desktop. I have to use cntl-alt-backspace 
> to close the aborted X session. In my xsession error file it says
> fatal IO error 32 (broken pipe) or KillClient on X Server ":0.0"
> Any ideas where I go from here?

See bug #59656 - it seems that the /etc/Xsession that gets installed
by xfree86-common 3.3.6-4 has a problem somewhere.  Downgrading that
package (xfree86-common) back to 3.3.6-3 fixed it.
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