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Re: Rationale behind the groups "dip" and "dialout"

John Hasler wrote:

> You can, however, give each user her own chatscript and put it in her group
> so that only she and root can read it.

So each user would have its own ppp-on-script, or better yet: A global
ppp-on-script in /usr/local/bin, which uses $HOME to access the user's
private chatscript.  Let's see if how that works.

> Other possibilities:
> Use something other than chat to handle the scripted login.

Well, right now, I'm using kppp, to establish the PPP connection, and
I'm quite happy with it, because of its nice accounting features.  (I'm
in Germany and I like to know just how much money I'm burning while I'm
online.)  Thus, I still had to put myself into "dip" and "dialout",
because kppp won't start pppd, before it has made the connection, and
therefore it needs access to /dev/ttyS0.

MfG Viktor
Viktor Rosenfeld
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