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RE: No internet connection with 'frozen' and 2.2.14 kernel...


I have an ethernet connection. I have a 3Com 595 card and use the 
3Com59x.o driver module in linux.

After I installed 'frozen' over the net, I downloaded 2.2.14 and
compiled it.

During bootup, it recognises eth0 and prints out the message regd
the 3c59x card but then it gives me 'depmod' errors with all the 
'.o files' in the /lib/modules/2.0.36/pcmcia/ directory.

Any suggestions.

On Mon, 14 Feb 2000, Pollywog wrote:

> On 14-Feb-2000 Rajesh Radhakrishnan wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > Someone had a similar problem, with 'frozen' and 2.2.14 kernel not
> > recognizing
> > the internet connection but the internet connection works with the 2.0.36
> > kernel.
> > 
> > the internet connection doesn't work with 2.2.12 kernel either..
> I am using ppp with kernel 2.2.14 and never had a problem with that.
> I did notice yesterday that ppp was about to be upgraded, with the removal of
> ppp-pam or some such thing.  I stopped the upgrade for that reason.
> Are you using pcmcia?
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> Andrew
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