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Re: So I guess no one really cares about the IMAP folder root.

> what makes IMAP better for you then POP3 ?

Try this:

Set up two machines (for a completely implausible scenario, let's say that
the two machines are at your work and at your house) to read from the same
POP server.

Now, you have two options when you configure your mail program: leave
messages on server until explicitly deleted, or delete messages when

Try the first one. Leave messages on the server. Now, download your mail
onto each machine. Then, delete a message on one machine and have it notify
your POP server to delete it. Now, go to the other machine and look at your
mail. The deleted message is still on the other machine. Sucks, huh?

Now, try it the other way. Tell your mailer to delete messages when
downloaded. Now, download to one of your machines. Then, go to the other
machine and download. Look, you have no mail! Now, if you wait until some
comes in, you'll be able to download some onto the other machine.
Eventually, you'll have half of your mail on each machine. Sucks, huh?

Now, by keeping all mail and all folders on the server, IMAP avoids this and
really lends itself to checking mail from multiple machines. It also lends
itself well to web gateways that let you check your mail from web browsers.
Lastly, since, with IMAP, you download the headers first and then the
individual messages as you want them, it's not as much of a problem if
someone mails you a 10MB file entitled "Great money making opportunity....".
You can just instruct the server to delete it without you ever having to
download the actual file. Try *THAT* with POP.

- Joe

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