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mh-style mail format and remote access?


At work I´m using exmh (and mh therefore) to read my mail, if I have to access
it from home (much too often :-/ ) currently I either open exmh on the remote
machine via ssh´s port-forwarding (mainly because of the compression facility)
or mh´s built-in tools scan, show, repl etc.

Either option has it´s disadvantages:
-exmh remote is _slow_, even with ssh-compression (only 64kBit a/v)
-mh-tools are a pita for huge amounts of mail
-(mutt is capable of reading mh-style but slooow with folders containing
  >1k mails. also it cannot read the state of the mails, they´re all new
  for mutt)

Now I ran across imap, which is capable of reading mh-style mailboxes (at least
according to the documentation), but any imap-capable mail-reader I tried shows
me the various folders I have but claims they´re all empty :-(

Anyone on the list who has any hints for me, so I can more easyily manage my
mail from home?

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