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Re: A tool to find the site with fewest hops?

Joe Emenaker wrote:

> I have this dilemma every time I configure a new Debian box and am setting
> up which mirror to point dselect and apt to.
> I want to find the sites that have fewer hops and lower ping times than the
> rest.... so that I can use the sites that are "closer" (not geographically,
> but as far as net traffic goes) and do my part to keep backbone traffic
> down.
> I'm wondering if there's a tool out there that can take a list of hostnames
> and give me some output showing number of hops and ping times.
> I've already written a rudimentary one in perl (if anyone's interested), but
> I figure someone else has surely written a better one already....
> Well?

Try out netselect


> - Joe
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