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Re: So I guess no one really cares about the IMAP folder root.

ok..yeah i understand more now :)  i guess i do the same w/pine, even
though it's POP3 mail i can ssh in from anywhere and the mail is always


On Fri, 11 Feb 2000, Joe Emenaker wrote:

jemena >> what makes IMAP better for you then POP3 ?
jemena >
jemena >Try this:
jemena >
jemena >Set up two machines (for a completely implausible scenario, let's say that
jemena >the two machines are at your work and at your house) to read from the same
jemena >POP server.
jemena >
jemena >Now, you have two options when you configure your mail program: leave
jemena >messages on server until explicitly deleted, or delete messages when
jemena >downloaded.
jemena >
jemena >Try the first one. Leave messages on the server. Now, download your mail
jemena >onto each machine. Then, delete a message on one machine and have it notify
jemena >your POP server to delete it. Now, go to the other machine and look at your
jemena >mail. The deleted message is still on the other machine. Sucks, huh?
jemena >
jemena >Now, try it the other way. Tell your mailer to delete messages when
jemena >downloaded. Now, download to one of your machines. Then, go to the other
jemena >machine and download. Look, you have no mail! Now, if you wait until some
jemena >comes in, you'll be able to download some onto the other machine.
jemena >Eventually, you'll have half of your mail on each machine. Sucks, huh?
jemena >
jemena >Now, by keeping all mail and all folders on the server, IMAP avoids this and
jemena >really lends itself to checking mail from multiple machines. It also lends
jemena >itself well to web gateways that let you check your mail from web browsers.
jemena >Lastly, since, with IMAP, you download the headers first and then the
jemena >individual messages as you want them, it's not as much of a problem if
jemena >someone mails you a 10MB file entitled "Great money making opportunity....".
jemena >You can just instruct the server to delete it without you ever having to
jemena >download the actual file. Try *THAT* with POP.
jemena >
jemena >- Joe
jemena >

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