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Which Boot Manager?

I currently have Win 98 and NT along with Corel Linux on my system.
CL's lilo lets me go with either Linux or Windows, and NT's boot
manager lets me pick between 98 and NT.

I just bought McCarty's _Learning Debian GUN/Linux_, and I'd like to
install the Debian that came with it.

Can you tell me how to manage the booting between all these guys? I
installed Power Quest's Boot Magic, but after it started, my screen
went black and stayed that way. I had a dickens of a time getting back
to my original setup.

I don't know why Boot Magic wouldn't work, although their Web site
acknowledges that it can happen.  I do use EZ-drive to manage the two
10-gig drives in my system.

So is there an approach I can use that will manage these OSes? 
Preferably without having to reinstall any that are already there?


Lane Lester / Madison County, Georgia USA
Coming to you through Corel Linux

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