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Re: VMWare, 98 and Linux

On Wed, Feb 02, 2000 at 10:55:41AM -0700, Robert L. Harris wrote:
> I can't convert /dev/hda2 to ext2 or all the software, apps, etc on
> /dev/hda2 won't be visible to the windows partition on /dev/hda1 and
> I won't be able to "share" a single install instead of multiple installs
> of the same softwre.

How about something like this?
/dev/hda1 as it is currently.
/dev/hda2 a 1G or so ext2 that you put a VMWare virtual disk on.
/dev/hda5 4G shared between the two (i've had winDOS problems with multiple
primary FAT partitions... "D: maximum size 0 bytes" and hda2 as E:)

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