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Re: VMWare, 98 and Linux

Read the docs at the vmware site. They discuss using hardware profiles in
windows to keep resources separate for when you boot win98 straight or
when you're booting it inside a vmware virtual machine. Read about booting
an OS from a prexisting partition as opposed to the standard 'virtual
partition' (file).

I tried vmware a while back and had good luck with this technique. It
wasn't foolproof however as I did have to reinstall some drivers on the
hardware profile for booting straight from lilo. Perhaps they've improved
the process. After working out the kinks there were no surprises. I did
however have some difficulty with the networking as utilized by OSs
running in virtual machines. There is a drawback, you have to select the
hardware profile you want to use at boot time.

Good luck!


On Wed, 2 Feb 2000, Robert L. Harris wrote:

> Ok, 
>   Here's the scenario, I have a 6Gig windows drive and 4 Gig Linux.  The
> 6 is divided into 1 and 6 (/dev/hda1 and /dev/hda2 respectivly).  I have
> 98 on /dev/hda1.  I run this one nativly(sp?) and don't want to run it
> under vmware as it will trash my drivers, etc.  I can't blow it away as
> Rogue Spear won't run under it vmware yet.  I'd like to put 98 on /dev/hda2
> and hide /dev/hda1 from windows so it won't even know it exists (causes 
> problems otherwise). 
>   Has anyone found a way to "hide" a partition or another workaround
> like this yet?
> Robert
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