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Re: VMWare, 98 and Linux

"Robert L. Harris" wrote:

> Ok,
>   Here's the scenario, I have a 6Gig windows drive and 4 Gig Linux.  The
> 6 is divided into 1 and 6 (/dev/hda1 and /dev/hda2 respectivly).  I have
> 98 on /dev/hda1.  I run this one nativly(sp?) and don't want to run it
> under vmware as it will trash my drivers, etc.  I can't blow it away as
> Rogue Spear won't run under it vmware yet.  I'd like to put 98 on /dev/hda2
> and hide /dev/hda1 from windows so it won't even know it exists (causes
> problems otherwise).
>   Has anyone found a way to "hide" a partition or another workaround
> like this yet?
> Robert

So you want to put Win98 on both /dev/hda1 (already there) and /dev/hda2, and not let
the Win98 on /dev/hda2 see the /dev/hda1 partition (and it's corresponding Win98

And presumably you meant that the 6GB drive is partitioned into 1GB and 5GB (which
equals 6), rather than 1GB and 6GB (which equals 7).

What I'd do is convert the /dev/hda2 partition to ext2 and mount it under /win, then
use VMWARE to create a new virtual machine in /win, and install Win98 to it. This
Win98 won't see the Win98 on /dev/hda1 since it's in a totally different (virtual)
computer, which is "powered off" when Linux/VMWARE is up and running. This assumes
that Rogue Spear is run on the /dev/hda1 copy of Win98, and you don't have any such
apps on the /dev/hda2 copy of Win98 that won't run under VMWARE.

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