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Re: help!..I am no longer able to boot properly

On Wed, 02 Feb 2000, Joe said:
> hello,
>   when I boot linux, after it displays all the initial bootstrap process 
> when it reaches the part
> "freeing unused kernel memory: 140k freed
> INIT: version 2.78 booting"
> it hangs...so I press control+c to continue loading  and so it does but then 
> it tells me that there is nothing in /proc- not mounted? and also kerneld 
> tells me that "I almost dont want to be running kerneld with >= 2.2.x 
> kernels..but I am using 2.2.13 kernel and there was no problems before? when 
> I am finally able to login (sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt) when I 
> check my /proc directory..it is empty! what I was doing before this happened 
> was that I was just tinkering and looking around in make xconfig..I think my 
> mistake was I did not click on the quit button in xconfig but instead just 
> clicked on the close button and then halted the machine..before I was 
> tinkering around xconfig everything was working fine...can this be still 
> fixed?
> thank you and any help would be greatly appreciated.
What dist are you running? (Slink?, Potato?) Can you boot from floppy?


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