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Re: help!..I am no longer able to boot properly

kerneld is for old 2.1 kernels and 2.0 kernels..not for 2.2 ..i have never
encountered a problem with using it in kernel 2.2 it just doesnt do

as for /proc check /etc/fstab and see that /proc is supposed to be
mounted, also make sure the kernel is configured for proc filesystem
support.  if you compiled your own kernel its possible you told it not to
include support for /proc


On Wed, 2 Feb 2000, Joseph de los Santos wrote:

jh0u >hello,
jh0u >
jh0u >  when I boot linux, after it displays all the initial bootstrap process 
jh0u >when it reaches the part
jh0u >"freeing unused kernel memory: 140k freed
jh0u >INIT: version 2.78 booting"
jh0u >it hangs...so I press control+c to continue loading  and so it does but then 
jh0u >it tells me that there is nothing in /proc- not mounted? and also kerneld 
jh0u >tells me that "I almost dont want to be running kerneld with >= 2.2.x 
jh0u >kernels..but I am using 2.2.13 kernel and there was no problems before? when 
jh0u >I am finally able to login (sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt) when I 
jh0u >check my /proc directory..it is empty! what I was doing before this happened 
jh0u >was that I was just tinkering and looking around in make xconfig..I think my 
jh0u >mistake was I did not click on the quit button in xconfig but instead just 
jh0u >clicked on the close button and then halted the machine..before I was 
jh0u >tinkering around xconfig everything was working fine...can this be still 
jh0u >fixed?
jh0u >
jh0u >thank you and any help would be greatly appreciated.
jh0u >
jh0u >
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