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remote ip


i've been using the pppd implementation of dial on demand with steady success. 
however, i've always (naively it seems now) assumed the remote end to have
the same ip address each time i dial in. since pppd seems to require me to 
give it a remote ip address, i've been giving it one of the ip addresses i've
observed it to connect to before.

recently, after having several ppp problems, i did some testing and studying
of ppp.log and got worried when i noticed the remote ip address changes each
time. however, i've used dial on demand in this manner for a long time now and 
never actually observed a problem. ifconfig even shows
the ip address i specified no matter what ip address the isp attempts to
tell me i'm connected to.

so my question is: is there a problem at all? it seems fine on my end, so would
it perhaps cause a problem on the remote end instead? if there's a problem
that only affects the remote end is there anything i can do to prevent it or
should i just laugh at their misfortune and carry on?

looking forward to a response


da Bobstopper

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