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Re: Yehaw!

yeah, i told the person(maybe it was you? i forget) to download netscape
direct from netscape and not bother with corel or debian packages ..


On Wed, 2 Feb 2000, Lee wrote:

lee >On Wed, 02 Feb 2000, you wrote:
lee >> if you downloaded communicator, you *will* be able to load messenger from
lee >> within netscape.  click on the icon in the bottom right of the netscape
lee >> window, on *nix all the netscape programs are in 1 binary. or you can try
lee >> loading messenger directly with the command netscape -messenger or
lee >> netscape -mail
lee >
lee >http://linux.corel.com/products/linux_os/inside.htm  Take a look under Netscape
lee >Communicator Download version. I believe that they have crippled Communicator
lee >on the corel download version so it will never run Messenger. I don't see any
lee >icon in the bottom right of my Navigator Window either.  Those commands have no
lee >effect.  I just installed another package from a recommended site, and it
lee >refused to install several modules (Java) as wrong version, however all that is
lee >OK, just no Messenger/Composer.
lee >
lee >I would like to know if anyone at all has installed Messenger on this
lee >particular package. I'll try alt.os.corel.linux 
lee >
lee >thanks for your patience
lee >
lee >Lee
lee >
lee >
lee >-- 
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lee >

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