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Re: remote ip

depending on which kind of access-server your provider uses, at least with
cisco as5xxx and livingston pm[3,4] they can easyily configure them to all
pretend the same ip-address on their end. if they dont, some configurations
(eg dialer-maps on ciscos) will have serious troubles connecting, so they
should reconfigure their equipment nonetheless.

the only problem I see for you is that you might not be able to ping the
remote side of your connection, so you could have problems tracking
connection problems.


On Thu, 03 Feb 2000 05:25:39 +0800, da Bobstopper writes:
>however, i've always (naively it seems now) assumed the remote end to have
>the same ip address each time i dial in. since pppd seems to require me to 
>give it a remote ip address, i've been giving it one of the ip addresses i've
>observed it to connect to before.
>recently, after having several ppp problems, i did some testing and studying
>of ppp.log and got worried when i noticed the remote ip address changes each
>time. however, i've used dial on demand in this manner for a long time now and

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