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Re: remote ip

I'm using the same setting here but I have added following lines to

So each time I connect, local and remote ips gets changed.

Em Thu, Feb 03, 2000 at 05:25:39AM +0800, da Bobstopper escreveu:
> hiyas
> i've been using the pppd implementation of dial on demand with steady success. 
> however, i've always (naively it seems now) assumed the remote end to have
> the same ip address each time i dial in. since pppd seems to require me to 
> give it a remote ip address, i've been giving it one of the ip addresses i've
> observed it to connect to before.
> recently, after having several ppp problems, i did some testing and studying
> of ppp.log and got worried when i noticed the remote ip address changes each
> time. however, i've used dial on demand in this manner for a long time now and 
> never actually observed a problem. ifconfig even shows
> the ip address i specified no matter what ip address the isp attempts to
> tell me i'm connected to.
> so my question is: is there a problem at all? it seems fine on my end, so would
> it perhaps cause a problem on the remote end instead? if there's a problem
> that only affects the remote end is there anything i can do to prevent it or
> should i just laugh at their misfortune and carry on?
> looking forward to a response
> from
> da Bobstopper
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