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Re: Odd screen

Quoting dkphoto (dkphoto@cyber-wire.com):
> Why is the display for the install process set to pink letters on a white 
> background? This is nearly impossible to read. I realize there is 
> probably a way to change all that, but for a beginner, it is no doubt out 
> of reach.
> Is it just my machine this happens on, or does everyone else get pink on 
> white too?

No, but I'm not on a mac. But have you tried both answers to just about
the first question in the installation process, namely colour or B&W?
In view of your previous posting, maybe this is a silly reply...


Subject: B&W vs color, bsd vs linux 

Do I understand this correctly?

netBSD will boot only in B&W on the 68Kmac, while DebianLinux will boot 
in color??? Is that correct?


BTW I boot debian in a text mode and have not seen it boot in colour.
I don't know if macs have a text mode as I've only seen MacOS.


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