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Re: partition table lost [and found]

Tom Pfeifer <mailmisc@snet.net>:
> There's a DOS based program called findpart that may help. You can find
> it here:
> http://inet.uni2.dk/~svolaf/utilities.htm

Olaf's software has done it!

We grabbed findpart from the above, made a DOS 6.22 system disk, put it on
there, and just ran it according to the .txt file that came with it.

It ran for a couple of seconds and gave us a list of the partitions, types,

Now, we need advice on the best way to get this found partition information
into the table on the disk.  Is it even slightly smart to just fire up fdisk
or cfdisk and go to town?  

The owner of the box with the problem does have his copy of Norton Utilities
from years ago, no manual readily available.  Is there a good way of getting
this done with that tool?

Thanks to everyone for all the help.

--Brian Butler

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