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Re: X/fvwm forcing me to place windows

On Tue, Feb 01, 2000 at 09:18:35AM +0100, Robert Waldner wrote:
> On Mon, 31 Jan 2000 20:26:13 CST, "David J. Kanter" writes:
> >I've got fvwm set up so that when it starts, I have 2 xterms and xjed on on
> >page; mutt on another; and slrn on yet another. And when I start netscape,
> >it automatically goes to another page. I'm working with that default 3x3
> >desktop, which is fine for me.
> >
> >If you want to know how to do this, let me know.
> at least I would like to know, but as I'm supposedly not the only one,
> maybe you could answer this to the list?
> tia
> &rw
---end quoted text---

# ~/.fvwm/init-restart.hook
# Make windows and icons snap to each other.

SnapAttraction 8 All
SnapGrid 8

# Some pre-start set-ups: These are going to ensure that when the programs
# are started, they start on the rights pages.

GlobalOpts ActivePlacementHonorsStartsOnPage
Style gkrellm* Sticky
Style e-mail* StartsOnPage 1 0, SkipMapping
Style news* StartsOnPage 2 0, SkipMapping
Style Netscape* StartsOnPage 0 1, SkipMapping
# I don't want the CD player to have a title bar, so...
Style XfreeCD* NoTitle

# This stuff is started each time fvwm2 is either started OR restarted.
# I'm going to have these always "on": 2 xterms, xjed and gkrellm. Also, I
# want mutt and slrn to start up, but on different pages of the desktop. 

+ "I" Exec xterm -rv -geometry +64+0
+ "I" Exec xterm -rv -geometry +560+0 -T "root window"
+ "I" Exec xjed -geometry +330+360 
+ "I" Exec gkrellm -geometry -0+0
+ "I" Exec xterm -geometry 125x64+0+0 -T "e-mail" -e mutt
+ "I" Exec xterm -geometry 125x64+0+0 -T "news" -e slrn

David J. Kanter

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