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Re: partition table lost

There's a DOS based program called findpart that may help. You can find
it here:


If you do a search on Deja News for findpart, you'll find some posts on
it, and some are answered by the author that may help explain how to
best use it.

There's also a Linux program called gpart (guess partitions) that's
packaged in the potato and woody distributions, but not in slink. That's
not of much use to use now unless you can get it running from a floppy
root-boot disk.


Brian Butler wrote:
> A friend's box which had a bunch of partitions on its single 3 GB hard disk,
> including Win3 (fat16) win95 (fat32) and some linux partitions.
> Stupid McAfee messed up the partition table trying to remove the so-called
> NYB virus (the virus removal was evidently successful).
> Now there is only one partition, /dev/hda1, not even close to the size of
> the disk, or any of the old partitions.  I'm SURE all the old Linux stuff,
> etc. is still on the disk.
> Question is:  How do we get the partion table to look like it did before, to
> get at all the partitions, as well fix the active one, etc.
> Partition Magic was suggested.  What are the thoughts on this?  It's
> appartently not free, and apparently run under windoze.
> Basically, the goal here is to recreate the old partition table without
> having a copy of it, but having a disk that mostly looks like it did before
> it got "fixed" ("cleaned") by McAfee.
> TIA,
> --Brian Butler

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