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Re: Netscape removed, why?

On Thu, Jan 27, 2000 at 07:46:21PM -0500, Todd Suess wrote:
> Why would an dist-upgrade want to totally remove my Netscape, which works
> fine?

There is a reason why I like dselect (despite the wonky UI but I've
gotten used to that):

The key is that libc6 updated, and now conflicts with libc6-bin for some
| libc6-bin    installed -  ;  remove (was: install).  Standard  
| libc6 conflicts with libc6-bin
| netscape-base-4 depends on libc6-bin

The upgrade of libc6 will delete libc6-bin, which will removed
netscape-base-4, which will remove the rest of netscape.

Put libc6 on hold (which will be a bit of a fight, since you'll have to
put a few other things on hold too, like libc6-bin, libc6-dbg, etc) and
it should be happy until the dependencies/conflicts are fixed.

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