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Re: mail filtering techniques


I have in the past, depending on what MTA I am using used two different
filtering methods.  When using exim I simply use the built in .forward
filtering which is very well described in there docs and on www.exim.org.
On another system (the one I am currently writing from actually) that runs
sendmail, I use procmail to filter and sort my mail.  Good instrucitons on
how to set this up can be found at


and a bunch of good links are found on the procmail site.  Anyone else
use something else?  I personally found procmail a bit clunky after using
exim's functionality but well mileage will vary.

Ehren Wilson

On Thu, 27 Jan 2000, Ethan Benson wrote:

> hi,
> I am wondering what different methods people here are using to filter 
> your mail?   (ie each mailing list to its own mailbox or other such 
> techniques of dealing with several high volume lists)
> I am going to be switching to mutt soon and the filtering method I 
> have used on macos with Eudora probably will not work well or at all 
> with mutt (i set a color 'label' on differing groups of messages say 
> by list and sort by that in one monolithic in box)
> (yes I did figure out the MTA issues, will post a summary of how to 
> do that tomorrow)
> thanks
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> Ethan Benson
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